This is an interview by a friend and colleague, Dr. Gregg Coker. He speaks specifically about the Zone Technique from about minute 28 to 41, but the entire interview is a good watch. Enjoy!
Lower your risk of injury while shoveling snow.
The Lost Art of Listening
Enjoy a tour of our office.
Example of a typical office visit.
Zone 6, The Circulatory Zone
Zone 5, The Muscular Zone
Zone 4, The Digestive Zone
Why are we called the Home of the Gentle Adjustment? Now you know!
Zone 3 – Nerve Zone
Zone Technique, Zone 2 Eliminative Zone
A quick introduction to the Zone Technique, with a focus on Zone 1, the Glandular Zone.
A patient with Bell’s Palsy, dyslipidemia, vertigo, and more helped!
Things you might not know about chiropractic.
Migraines and Chiropractic
3-year-old with chronic constipation helped with chiropractic
Infantile colic, GERD, and failure to thrive helped with chiropractic.

7-month-old girl helped with sleep issues by chiropractic.
Ironman athlete testimonial after one visit.
Chiropractic helps a 9-year-old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome who was suffering from back pain, stomach issues, and anxiety.

11-year-old male with headaches, autism, ADHD and OCD helped with chiropractjc.
Why I love what I do
68-year-old male with Bell’s Palsy helped with chiropractic.
50-year-old woman suffering from hemiplegia for 10 months after a stroke is helped with chiropractic.
Resolution of Chronic Migraines and Disability with Functional Improvements with Chiropractic
My interview for the Cranial Release Technique
16-year-old pole vaulter comes in with low back pain and sets a personal record the next day.
55 year-old-male with Meniere’s Disease helped with chiropractic.
24-year-old pregnant female with low back pain and placenta previa helped with chiropractic.