I never thought of going to a chiropractor until I asked John at the gym once about a stiff wrist I had after lifting heavy. He looked at it, snapped it and like magic back to normal. I went to visit his practice years later after i got a stiff/ locked neck and a tight ankle from training for a marathon. 20 min later and poof again like magic I am turning my head and walk freely on my ankle. Things that bothered me for months were resolved in mere minutes. I will not hesitate again!

~ Damir S.

I contacted John in late January after my husband convinced me to give him a try in reference to our 14 year old daughter who was suffering badly from IBS for years and was getting worse….I can honestly say it was truly the BEST decision I have EVER made.

John explained to me how your nervous system controls everything from the way your brain functions, to how you move, to how all your internal organs function and in turn you immune system as well. He explained if there was any nerve interference that is interfering with her digestive system, that it would be possible for him to remove over time. He locates the nerve interference and through gentle chiropractic adjustments begins to remove it.

And that is exactly what he has done!!!! My daughter has taken Nexium, Pepcid and Align to help her for years. It has been about 10 weeks now and through adjustments two times a week and now some healing supplements the difference is truly amazing!!! I NEVER thought she would be able go get off her medicines. She had not needed any of her old medications for about two weeks now and is responding well to her new supplements.

I cannot say enough great things about John!!! He is truly amazing and a very caring chiropractor who gives his all 100%. I feel so lucky to have met him and that he is helping my daughter heal and lead a more normal healthy life!!!!!!

~ Donna N.

Dr. John is caring, passionate, and highly skilled. As a colleague, I have always admired and appreciated what he does and how he does it.

∼Dr. Don F.

I went to see Dr. John after visiting an orthopedic for the pain in my hip. I brought a copy of my xrays. Dr John reviewed and explained why I was having the pain and was ble to give me relief from pain during my first visit!!

~Mary F.

Doc has helped me with my walking. Ever since I was in an accident, I couldn’t walk/run like I used to. Also my posture which is very important was not like other people, it was crooked. However, I met Doc 2 months ago and he has helped me straighten out my back, my neck, and my hips. While it might have been short, I am so blessed by the way he has helped me.

∼Brandon K.

Being a parent of two children very active in sports, myself coaching, on my feet most of the day working, and always on the go, I need to make sure my body is ready for the challenge. Dr. John is the guy who keeps my 46 year old body saying “what’s next? “instead of “please no more!”. My 7 year son and I both go for adjustments twice a week after his wrestling practice. He is great with my son who is always excited to see Dr. John. There is no question in my mind that our visits are the reason we have been staying healthy throughout the year.

∼Robert D.

John is an amazing Chiropractor. He’s been working with my teenage son who has special needs. John is very professional and has an incredibly soothing manner. My son has back issues and John’s approach has been very effective and non invasive. John really cares about his patients and always follows up with me after each appointment as my son is non verbal. I give Dr. John 6 Stars, over and above!

∼Adrian J.

I have found Dr. John D’Ambrosio to be an extremely heart-centered and highly gifted healer (as well as a great adjuster!). I encourage you to choose his gentle, whole body approach when your body and mind need some loving care.

∼Dr. Dawn S.

John D’ambrosio is absolutely one of the best chiropractors out there. I had chiropractic care sporadically when I was in my 20’s and never really enjoyed it. Had several aggressive treatments from people, always was sore and hurt after, never liked the feeling of being treated, etc.

In my mid 30’s years of chronic pain and issues were coming to a head, and that’s when I found John. His gentle, consistent care got me out of chronic neck and back pain, gave me extra energy, mood boosts, and helped me develop an awareness of the problem areas of my body that I didn’t previously have. Treatments from John positively impacted every area of my life, which impressed me to no end!

To boot he is a lovely, genuinely caring person. He takes a real holistic, full body approach that anyone can benefit from. Go see Dr. John!! You won’t be sorry.

∼Becky S.